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So Much to Keep Track Of: Two months into the school year and I've been experimenting with ways to take notes during conferencing. After all that, I still think paper and pen(cil) will work best for most people.But I'm not most people. Mostly because writing is a real chore for me. For whatever reason, my fine motor skills don't apply to writing. It's slow and not very neat. Print or cursive – it's not very attractive, or even that readable. I did use large index cards last year; one card per student, and it was [ … ]
This blog runs on the Ghost blogging platform. I generally use WordPress, but I wanted to give this a try, as I've seen many other blogs effectively use this software. Not wanting to shell out $30 per month, I started self-hosting it on its own VPS at Vultr. That got me down to $5 per month. But I already have a solid VPS where I host many other domains, but it didn't support NodeJS.Thus began my migration to Plesk. After several years using ServerPilot's free plan, I wanted something more self-hosted. At Vultr, I can [ … ]
Martial Arts? I've been using ClassDojo for at least five years. Its core features are behavior tracking and parent communication. They've adding a new feature: Portfolios. In the past, I used Seesaw for student portfolios. It's a pretty good setup and the students were good with adding to their portfolios, and parents liked it. But it was just one more piece of technology I had to manage, so I dropped it. Behavior Tracking Back in the beginning, I had the typical behavior pocket chart with green/yellow/orange/red tags. I used to manage the tags [ … ]
In The Beginning: For the longest time, I was the only one in my family who didn't need glasses. On the one hand, it's been nice to not have to rely on glasses growing up. On the other hand, my vision is not improving and I'm still resistant to wearing glasses all the time. I'm ok with wearing them for reading, but I get along pretty well in my day-to-day activities. Age Does Things To You I started needing glasses about ten years ago. Just reading glasses. They have served me well, though my distance vision [ … ]
This Sounds Painful: It can be a little bit painful at first. If you're a control freak, it can be difficult. I'm a control freak, but my desire for a comfortable workplace for me and my students overrides my urge to keep kids properly arranged in rows and columns. When parents come in for Back to School night or Open House, the first thing they want to do is see where their kid sits. So I get to explain Flexible Seating: Your child can choose to sit in the place most suitable for the task at [ … ]