1. a person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir: he was appointed principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
  2. Physics: a material or device that conducts or transmits heat, electricity, or sound, especially when regarded in terms of its capacity to do this: graphite is a reasonably good conductor of electricity.

Am I a "teacher" or an "educator"?

Teaching is a job, but educating is a way of life. My father, an engineer, loves puzzles. Growing up, we had many intriguing puzzles and brain teaser books. People are inherently curious. We want to learn. We want to figure things out. I love this! Kids are not only curious, but creative. They need an engaging environment in which to thrive.

My job title is "teacher," my role is "educator," but I feel I'm more of a "conductor." In an orchestra, a conductor keeps things moving along – providing an anchor for the musicians. The musicians aren't focused on the conductor – they are focused on their task. In Physics, a conductor helps make connections. Students need a way to connect with the world around them. Just giving them a book isn't enough. They need to experiment, discover, and understand.

Classroom Technology

As a technologist, I use computers to help keep track of student progress. While teachers have a good feel for the success rate of their students, it's impossible to remember all the details.

My purpose here is to document my efforts, successes, and failures. I look forward to this new opportunity to learn and educate.